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Nanowrimo 2012?

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So, instead of doing my 500 today, I started prepping for NaNoWriMo by writing out an outline (though it reads like a rambling synopsis) for a story I BS'ed (that is a double meaning acronym lololol) by a music playlist fiddling session whe
re I picked out several dozen music tracks I liked and group them together in terms of vague characters or scenes that they inspire me to think of, and make a story from it.

Not that I think it's the best thing ever, but I wanted to try to write something that would come to me easily (i.e. spins out of my head like a dream, rationality relatively optional XD;; ).

But anyway, for the curious, here's the current version of the synopsis for the tentatively titled YA/Youth novella "The Prince of Darkness":
"Kenneth, a quiet young boy troubled by the friendless life he lives, wakes up in a fantastic world out of his imagination, alongside a young witch named Cynthia. The beautiful world is plagued by fiends called Odiums, led by the enigmatic Prince of Darkness. Who is the Prince of Darkness, and why was Kenneth brought to this world?"

I am painfully aware that once Nano starts and until I finish the 50,000, I'll likely make little to no progress on Chapter of the Bird. The only thing that could mitigate it is if I finished the 50,000...ahead of schedule. Before the 30 days are up. O_O I wonder, can I really do that? Doing it within 30 days was hard enough the past two years...but since I'm managing 500 words on a semi-regular basis, could I step it up to write even faster for something I'm not so concerned about making it presentable? =|a
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