Tomoyo Ichijouji (tomoyoichijouji) wrote,
Tomoyo Ichijouji

Chapter of the Bird -- sooner or later!

It's been a long, loooooooong time since I last updated Princess Tutu: Chapter of the Bird.  It's been.... *checks* ...holy mackerel, since 2006.  Seven. Freaking. Years.  X_X  A... lot of things have happened since then, for sure.  A long time went by without a lot of work on this project, but it has never left my imagination, and for some strange reason, I know that the completion of this project is an important milestone I want to reach for my writing.

But right now, what I want to think about is a certain fact: I have a bunch of chapters of the fanfic now drafted, and some/many revisions away from being finished and ready to show people.  As of now, I've drafted up to the 6th chapter/"episode" (for the record, I currently have 3 episodes published on FFnet).  After they're edited, I have a choice of 1) continuing writing the future episodes without posting anything new, or 2) begin to post new episodes as I continue to write.

I have outlined in detail most of the story, scene by scene up until the last few episodes where I still have some things to figure out.  The reason I'm considering holding off on updating is for the very fact that it *has* been so long since I last updated it; I was thinking that I'd have most, if not all, of the story written before I start updating again so that I can *guarantee* that I'll have new chapters after some specified amount of time, because they're *already written*!  XD;;  Buuuuut I don't know if that's the right course of action, because I in all honesty probably could use some feedback while I'm still in the process of writing, and it might help me write future chapters faster/better, and I suppose there's also the simple reason of: people want to actually *read* more of it, finally!!  (If they still remember it after all this time.... 9_9 )

Sooooooo... there you have this poll.  Just cuz, I guess.  ^^;;  (Oh, and it's implied in the poll, but according to my outline, there will be a total of 13 episodes for the entire fanfic)

Poll #1926410 When to continue updating CotB

When should I begin updating Chapter of the Bird again?

When it's completely finished (once 13th final ch is written & edited)
When you have it 3/4 finished (10/13 ch's written & edited)
When you have it 3/5 finished (8/13 ch's written & edited)
When you have it 1/2 finished (6/13 chapters written & edited)
ASAP (as soon as possible)! 8D
Tags: chapter of the bird, fanfic, random observation

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