*sigh* too much

Arrggggh...formatting! Whyyyyy?? D=

You know the feeling you get when you spent hours checking a paper so that it matches all the required formatting, with margins, text size, headings, footers, page numbers ad nauseum, and you get it back, and you *still* get docked points for the one that you somehow missed?

Well, it's pretty much exactly like that with this whole free proof copy that you get if you confirm with 50,000 words at Nanowrimo -- they're actually really strict on formatting, and I was a little inconsistent with it between the cover and the title page (so, to use my alias as a proxy, on the cover it'd be "T. Ichijouji" and inside the book it says "Tomoyo Ichijouji" -- that apparently isn't acceptable =x ), and that made me need to resubmit it.

What makes this frustrating is that the deadline for using the coupon code for it is June 30 -- yeah that's right, tomorrow, or by now today technically. X_X It says "through June 30", so I still have a day, I suppose -- but, they took 24 hrs, or...*counts* well, 18 hrs for the first round. If they take that amount of time...well, it'll be back by the evening then, but I'll be over at LA for Anime Expo by then. Though I do have a smartphone now, so I could access my account with that...but will it still make it in time? *sigh*

I know it could have been avoided supposedly if I did this earlier, but I just had way too much going on in my life the past several months and so "oh, a few months would be more than enough time to finish this Nano story up!" became this situation. 9_9 I'm not gonna blame myself for that though. Because...honestly? I have a legitimate excuse. Really I do. =( Sometimes things just don't work out like you planned. Things work out anyway still, in one way or another.

So eh, oh well. I'm glad I got almost all the stuff I wanted to get done for AX. =3 Now, I need to SLEEP. D< *shoves self to bed*

Friending meme and Anime Expo!

Best Friending Meme Ever

Hi to the new peeps on my f-list from the above meme! ^o^ Here's my thread if you're curious to read it.

Anybody going to Anime Expo this year? dyxlisa and I have been working on cosplay stuffs the past few weeks. We're planning to reprise FF13's Vanille (me) and Fang for sure, and it's highly likely we'll have done Homura from Madoka Magica for me, and for my sis, Haru from Avatar (the...mustache version XDXD ). Since she'll have Tales of Vesperia Yuri again there, we've been trying to get together a Rita for me, and she's been trying to get a Kyoko done so we might have a pair for either series/game, but we'll see what we have time to finish 9_9

If anyone else is going to AX and is a Madoka fan, there's a Madoka gathering going on by the official Aniplex booth that I volunteered to help for at 10:30am, going on until around noon. I'm hoping they'll have swag, but it'll be fun hanging out with the other cosplayers (plus, neither my sis nor I will probably make it to the big Madoka gathering on Sunday, so I figure this is my best bet). Only thing is, the FF gathering goes on at 12, so I'll want to leave early so I have time to change. From what I hear that shouldn't be a problem though, they're expecting people to wander off later on.

As a random note, this may be the first con since I first wore it that I'm not gonna be bringing with the Mytho cosplay XD;; Part of it is, it needs a good amount of repair work before I can really wear it again, and I want to be easy on it since we have to fly down there.

Well, back to work! XD;;

Puella Magi Madoka Magica!

I've just watched episode 8, and I'm kinda seriously infatuated with this show. *_* To say it is a subversion of the magical girl genre is an epic understatement. I'd say, if it goes on the way it has for these past 8 episodes, it is gonna revolutionize the genre entirely (/half unintentional reference)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Collapse )

Geh, it's hard to say more without major spoilers, but seriously, if you want something that gets at the heart of what 'saving the world' and sacrificing yourself for others really means, and a total deconstruction of the magical girl genre, do yourself a favor and watch this. Unless the show somehow completely messes up the rest of the episodes, I know I'm gonna be buying this DVD when it gets released here in the US as soon as it's available -- it's already right up there with Gurren Lagann and Princess Tutu as the shows that really struck my soul in a deep place. *o* (Interestingly, in some senses all three are somewhat related too...)

(crossposting above to anime blog because relevant lol)

And lastly, it feels SOOO good to have that presentation I literally pulled almost all-nighters a few days in a row to prepare for DONE. 8D *has celebrated by watching ep 8, wondering what to do next*
*sigh* too much


Urggghh. Only the first two classes of the semester and I feel pooped. Well, I guess that's just cause I switched three time zones, and it's cold and snowy here, so I'm jet-lagged and I also wasn't feeling so well...6_6

Brain....ugh. Why did the creative writing class have to do this stupid name game thing where you had to remember everyone's names, majors, year and random fact? I was only lucky I wasn't sitting on the wrong side of the room -- the farther the string went, the more you had to remember. And I was feeling so tired and off that I had to ask pretty much about 80% of the stuff that had just been said a minute ago. And I still feel uggggh now. ;alskdfja;sldkfj

Well, I've been meaning to put these up for a while, but in November I picked up a program called FL Studio, a digital composing program. I always had thought I couldn't compose, but I think looking back it was probably just cause I didn't have the right tools, namely a program that could let me test different instruments and record notes as I play with them.

An old recording of a song I composed like in 2005, so it's a LQ piano melody that I've decided to just call "Mysterious Melody":

And next are the four songs I've composed so far on FL Studio, in order of creation and all composed sometime in December.

"Winter Lullaby"

"My Magnificent Fairy Godfather"

"Battle Against My Dark Childhood"

"Purification Ceremony"

I really, really wish this week weren't so tiring. Stupid jet lag. I can't do anything efficiently like this...I'm hoping to get my work done faster so I have time to write. 6_6

This music is too appropriate right now.

I am currently writing more on this day for this Tutu fic than I have in years on any single day before.

Tomoyo, the writer of Chapter of the Bird is back, everybody. 8D

...Now if only people would stop coming into my room and interrupting me for insignificant reasons. >=/ (Because...nobody is seeing these words until I'm both finished AND satisfied that I've done what I can with it. 9_9 So much to do, and moments can't seem to hold it all!)
*sigh* too much

Soooo. Uh. I got to 50,000. Icon is incredibly appropriate.

Yes, I know, I should be a WHOLE FREAKING CRAZY LOT more excited about this...but for some reason, I just feel tired and "urghhhhh *derp*"

Maybe it just hasn't hit me yet? XD;;

Or in other words...

Yet all I can think of right now is how tired and braindead I feel and how I spent most of the night getting to the finish line on this and that I have an exam on Wednesday in a class that is really kicking my arse and I hate it for that 6_6 And dealing with people for a group project who don't know how to communicate for beans, but what can you do?

Someone pinch me, please.
dream doodle

The words! There's so many of them! They're...OVER NINE THOUSDAAAAND!!!!1!

Alright, so that title refers to Nanowrimo, but before I forget I have a few VA-ing stuff to show you. (And a DBZ motivational video. No, I'm serious. It is...epically motivational. As in I can't stop cracking up every time I watch it XDXD )

Collapse )

On a very cool note, the creator of that last Spirit Stars animation has a tradition of thanking each of his animated characters' VAs with a drawing of them with their voiced character, and yesterday he finished mine:
I mean...seriously, the drawing really DOES look just like me! 8O Looks, atmosphere, the whole works! (And yeah, I know the character and I happen to have several similarities, which kinda amused me XP )

Aaand before I forget, here's that DBZ motivational video I promised that I found on one of my f-list's posts (no it is NOT a fandub, it is seriously a recording of the professional official production by FUNimation, with added helpful subtitles of course):

All right! Now that I'm done bragging about my VA escapades, it's time for me to brag about Nanowrimo! Because yes...my Nanowrimo word count is indeed, over 9000. 8D
(at time of post, word count was at 10,472)

It was not easily won! I was literally writing up to the last minute last night to get up to the daily goal, and I reached it just before the clock struck 12 on my computer 8D;;;; Cutting it close much?

But as I was telling mangaka_chan earlier, I really think this could be it -- that by the time this Nanowrimo is over, I will have epically defeated my writer's block once and for all. God, you don't know how good that makes me feel. (*)_(*) Five years, y'all. FIVE YEARS. Of strangled writing and staring at the blank page like this:
blink blink blink the cursor mocks me
I mean, knock on wood that something doesn't happen, but you know what, I've already reached past my 1st Nanowrimo word record in 2003 (10,404) and I'm just a few days away from surpassing my 2nd and highest Nano record 2004 (12,161) -- and inbetween I hadn't participated at all because writer's block began to hit D8 It will really mean something once I pass my personal record...and if I win this year...cross my fingers but I doubt I'll get a writer's block that bad again. God, does that sound so good. X3

EDIT: And thus from tonight (12,582) onward I officially have broken my all-time Nanowrimo record. Let's see if I can also make it the first win ever. (*)___(*)

But in the meanwhile, I need to do laundry, finish some lines that I have a deadline for, work on ANOTHER presentation (I am going to be so sick of those by the end of the semester x_x )...well, time to do some Disney Princess singing! 8P

Revolutionary Girl Utena - I HAS IT ALL 83

As of today, I officially own all the R1 DVDs of the series, including the movie, and all three arcs. 8DDDD I have just made sure that vol 5 and 6 work. In addition, they are all either brand new or they're used and you can't tell. Oh it is a happy day. \o/

...And now I feel like I want to marathon the entire show, cause golly it's been a while, but 1) I don't have the last four volumes physically with me so I'd have to stop right in the middle of it if I did, and 2) NANOWRIMO yo D8

But this means I will likely have to get that box set back from home so I can have a set to marathon. X3

(And come to think of it I may want to start on it little by little anyway cause it's like 20 episodes and I probably won't watch that all at once at my work schedule XD;; Soooo, even if I do start, I can still get to the Apocalypse arc by the time I go back for Thanksgiving? /OCD watching plans)

Oh yeah, and...