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Monorail of Thought (livejournal vrs.)
Thinking at the speed of.....well, my voice is still faster.
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Not that this vacation I haven't had enough to do, but it's always a bummer when it's near time to go back. I'm happy I got things I really wanted this year; Super Smash Brawl I'll be able to play when I get back to school, and it has a new "Adventure Mode" with cinematic sequences and everything! :O I also finally got that antique compass I've always fancied getting, and it's in my purse for good luck :D

And I got Odin Sphere, the really pretty 2D realtime RPG that I've heard good things about. It's not an easy game (I now permanently have it on Easy mode and I consider that enough challenge for the non-l33t gamer me), but the story makes it worth it. It has some awesome characters, even when I'm ambivalent on how I like some of them (not because of the quality of their development, but of the questionable morality or nobility of their actions at times), and wow what an interweaved plot. It has five main storylines (that they've let on so far at least...), and they are so intricately tied together that I find myself going through the story archive grid (it's on a friggin grid, yes) and playing back scenes just to see where one character is at another event. It's very complex and intriguing. I've gotten to the story of Velvet, the last of the five, and I dunno if I can finish hers by the end of break but I'm still happy I got so far just having gotten it for Christmas.

I also helped my dad complete Super Mario Galaxy (that is, all 120 stars on both plays through), and got to play through the 'Grand Finale' (which actually is a lot less climatic than it sounds, more like a small epilogue, but I'm just shocked you ever get to see a story sequence after the final cut scene!) I had gotten all the difficult stars to get there too, so I feel like I'm not too bad of a player, at least a little better than my dad. :P (And he gets a lot more practice than I do, too. Heh, young reflexes. XP )

Was so glad to see family again this break, although it's too bad my sister had to leave more than a week before me because of med school starting earlier. We got to play some Persona 3 together (and trying out Tales of Symphonia, it was neat playing it multi-player! Why can't more RPGs do a Tales of and have a multi-player option?), and we got pretty far on it.

I only wish I could write faster than I do. I made some progress on my PT fic during the break but I had to do some more research to solidify some ideas before I started on them for this chapter, and....grah, I dunno, maybe I'm just feeling discouraged, since I really piled it all on for this fanfic, and I hope I'm not in over my head. MORE LIKELY I'm just being a perfectionist with impossible standards. XP;;;; I was staying up way too late the past few days trying to write more for it but I really have to stop that if I want to get back on schedule. (It mainly consisted of doing research for it instead of writing anyway -_-) ...I guess all I can really say about it is "#*%#$#& GINKAN WHY DOES YOUR TOWN HAVE TO BE SO COMPLEX DX" -_-;; Wish me luck.

But soon will be school....and o-chem. o_o Altho, I have Genetics this year instead of the monster Cell Bio, so that might be kinda fun. :) And anime club coming semester is showing:
* Kuroshitsuji
* Peacemaker Kurogane
* Black Jack 21 (new vrs)
* Kaiba
* Library Wars
* Soul Eater (continuing from last semester)

I know that Soul Eater's going to be good, and I hope I enjoy the other ones (considering Library Wars was actually one of my pre-submitted suggestions, I hope it's at least a little good ^^;; )
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